Suppress Foster’s alleged tactics: court


Peter Foster allegedly recorded a jailhouse conversation with John Chardon. (file)The secretive manner in which convicted con man Peter Foster recorded an alleged jailhouse conversation with accused wife killer John Chardon may be kept from the public.

Queensland Corrective Services on Thursday requested all references to the “methodology” of how Foster recorded a conversation with Chardon be suppressed during any hearing or trial, or redacted in any statements.

QCS lawyer Andrew Lossberg said the department had been summoned to hand over Foster’s prisoner records.

But Mr Lossberg said there were concerns if the location of the listening device was made public it would compromise the safety of other inmates in the future.

“One of the things, of course, was that there was a listening device and it was the methodology of where that was secreted,” he said.

“The department claims that in public interest for immunity in terms of the profession … the protection safety and welfare of inmates and the safety and the management of the prison.”

Chardon’s barrister Tony Kimmins was keen to assist, but the prosecution requested more time to seek further instructions.

Mr Kimmins said in addition to Foster making statements about his conversation with Chardon, he also kept “notebooks” that they expected to receive on Thursday.

“We also suggest Mr Foster’s notebooks, which are going to be disclosed to us today, be provided to corrective services as well … they are allegedly contemporaneous notes which were made shortly after things occurred and that is used to refresh his memory.”

Magistrate Penelope Hay said a suppression or non-publication order would likely be dealt with on the opening day of the committal hearing on May 9.

Chardon was charged with the murder of his wife Novy in 2016, following her disappearance in February 2013.

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