Migrants stick with ‘caravan’ for safety


Central American Migrants on the ‘caravan’ have drawn criticism from US President Donald Trump.Central American migrants travelling in a “caravan” through Mexico which angered US President Donald Trump are sticking together for safety.

Since peaking at around 1,500 people, the caravan has dwindled under pressure from Trump and Mexican migration authorities, who vowed to separate those migrants with a right to stay in Mexico from those who did not.

By Thursday morning, scores of migrants were boarding buses to leave the town of Matias Romero in the southern state of Oaxaca, where their journey was held up by authorities at the weekend.

Some boarded buses heading for the central Mexican city of Puebla, where the caravan was due to make another stop before concluding its journey in Mexico City, rather than the US border.

Organised by advocacy group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the caravan, which set off from Mexico’s southern border on March 25, aims to raise awareness about the plight of migrants.

Trump’s tweets criticising the caravan showered it in far more publicity than organisers expected.

On Thursday morning the President praised Mexico on Twitter for breaking it up, hailing the country’s “strong immigration laws.”

Meanwhile, the frontrunner in Mexico’s presidential race said Trump’s move to send national guard troops to the border was a political ploy to gain support from his conservative base.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said: “He’s using all this campaign against Mexico as propaganda.

“This anti-Mexican policy has worked politically because unfortunately there are conservative sectors in the United States with little information and he knows how to awaken an anti-Mexican sentiment, what’s called xenophobia, which can be like racism, hatred of foreigners.”

Trump has ordered the troop deployment because “we are at a crisis point” with illegal immigration, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen of the US Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday.

“We’d like to stop it before the numbers get even bigger,” she said.

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