SA triple murderer ‘beaten’ in prison


A man who admitted to the murder of two young children and their mother has begun his 30-year non-parole period in a South n jail.

Steven Graham Peet, 32, was sentenced to the mandatory life imprisonment on Friday after earlier pleading guilty to killing Adeline Yvette Wilson-Rigney, 28, and her children, Amber, six, and five-year-old Korey at a property north of Adelaide in May, 2016.

In sentencing, Justice Malcolm Blue said he took into consideration submissions from Peet’s lawyers about his treatment in prison when deciding on an appropriate sentence.

“Since you have been in custody you have been beaten and threatened by fellow prisoners due to the nature of your crimes,” he said.

“Your counsel submitted that your time in custody is going to be extremely uncomfortable whether you are housed in isolation or with other prisoners.”

The bodies of Ms Wilson-Rigney and the children were all found with cable ties around their necks and hidden under clothes and bedding and, in the case of the boy, under a child’s play tent.

The young girl had adhesive tape wrapped around her head, and a sock had been stuffed in her mouth.

Her arms had been tied behind her back.

The young boy had parts of his body wrapped in tape and his hands and feet were secured behind his back in a hog-tied fashion.

Peet had initially pleaded not guilty to the murders of Amber and Korey, his defence arguing he was in a state of mental dissociation when he killed them.

Justice Blue accepted that Peet was experiencing a degree of dissociation when he murdered the two children but said he had still been able to form an intention to kill.

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