Dylan John Bailey sentenced to 15 years behind bars for murder of Guy Henderson


A man who stabbed his friend to death with a hunting knife after drinking almost a whole bottle of gin has been sentenced to at least 15 years behind bars.

Dylan John Bailey, 29, attacked Guy Henderson during a social gathering at a home in Hermitage Flat, near Lithgow, onJuly 23, 2016.

A drunk and aggressive Bailey, who previously quit drinking because it made him violent, pinned his friend to the ground and repeatedly punched him in the head with his fists and a toaster until he became unconscious.

Murder victim Guy Henderson. Photo: Facebook

As others tried to intervene, he grabbed a 22-inch hunting knife – which he said he brought to the house to cut a mobile phone SIM card to size – and tried to stab Mr Henderson in the chest.

However, the knife was still in its leather sheath, which Bailey removed before stabbing his victim six times.

The fatal blow, to the upper left chest, was inflicted with so much force the knife exited out of Mr Henderson’s back.

On Thursday,Justice Peter Garling sentenced Bailey to at least 15 years and 9 months’ imprisonment, with a maximum of 21 years.

He said the crime was a “vicious, sustained and senseless attack” on a vulnerable victim who was unable to fight back.

He rejected claims at an earlier sentencing hearing that the attack was provoked by a bite and Bailey only intended to inflict grievous bodily harm on his victim.

“The attack was a sustained and violent one by a dominant offender over a vulnerable and helpless victim,” Justice Garling said.

“On each occasion the knife penetrated a significant distance into the deceased.

“This stabbing was intentional and could only have been intended to kill the deceased.”

The court heard Bailey lives with ADHD,Asperger’s, depression and dyslexia and will have a hard time while incarcerated because he finds crowds and noises distressing.

“This will no doubt result in him being picked on by fellow inmates,” Justice Garling said.

Justice Garling said Bailey, who has a previous assault conviction from 2008, was so intoxicated he was “unable to restrain his anger” during the attack. However, he has since shown remorse including saying the stabbing was “the biggest mistake of his life”.

The convicted killer also expressed regret that he caused pain to his victim’s parents and partner.

“He has provided evidence of remorse. I take this into account,” Justice Garling said.

Bailey showed no emotion as he was sentenced.

He will be eligible for parole in April 2032.


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