Fake Vic gynaecologist admits frauds


Raffaele di Paolo falsely passed himself off as a gynaecologist and IVF specialist. (file)Raffaele Di Paolo isn’t a gynaecologist or a doctor, but that didn’t stop him giving fertility “treatment” to dozens of patients in Melbourne and fleecing them of nearly $400,000.

The 61-year-old set up clinics at Brighton and in Melbourne, taking money from unknowing patients.

He pleaded guilty in the County Court on Thursday to several deception, indecent assault and assault charges, as well as unlawfully using the terms “gynaecologist”, “obstetrician” and “MD”.

“Di Paolo held himself out as a medical practitioner and fertility specialist for over 10 years,” the prosecution wrote in an agreed summary, released by the court.

“He offered ‘treatment’ ranging from taking blood samples, performing ultrasounds and conducting abdominal checks.

“(Patients) paid substantial sums of money on the understanding that he was a registered medical practitioner.”

Di Paolo claimed to practise a more natural and successful form of IVF treatment, and administered homeopathic medications to patients.

He attended university in Melbourne and Rome but was never awarded a tertiary qualification.

He attempted to join the fertility clinic Monash IVF in the 1990s but his bid was voted down by a committee of doctors.

Di Paolo instead registered a company and operated as an IVF specialist between 2005 and 2015 out of rooms in the affluent suburb of Brighton and later in Melbourne.

The guilty pleas on Thursday come after he was found guilty by a jury of five counts of procuring sexual penetration by fraud.

Di Paolo will be sentenced on more than 50 charges, including 26 counts of obtaining property by deception.

He received more than $385,000 for fraudulent fertility treatment.

Di Paulo has previously been fined 1000 Euros by a court in Rome for falsely passing himself off as a doctor in Italy.

He has been remanded in custody and is scheduled to face a pre-sentence hearing on June 18.

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