Short Takes Saturday April 7 2018


WITH car parks going by the wayside in the city for units and the council wanting to move to the west end,it seems like no people with cars other than residents are welcome to the city.What’s next? Hunter Street having a toll after being sold off and privatised?The city is turning into a gated community for residents only.

Jo Coombes,Mayfield WestJUDY Lewis (Short Takes 5/4), it is possible that it was Herod Antipas. Mary was a Temple virgin.

JohnMcLennan,CharlestownJUST an opinion, if that is still allowed under the loony left (PS:my brain does what it wants and political correctness can’t control that):the LGBQT-abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvxyz community needs to stop discriminating against those who don’t fit in with the rest of mainstream society:the bankers.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BaySTEVE Barnett (Short Takes 4/4) why do we need experts? Climate change, economics, Sydney people, over weight people, I could go on – and on – and on. We have you.

Colin Fordham,LambtonLAKE Macquarie City Council, what’s the go with cutting down the fig trees at Warners Bay? Was there any community consultation? Of course not. Looks disgusting. Not happy Jan.

Brendan Mackay, Warners BayI AM glad Ross Kerridge (Short Takes 5/4) enjoys my contributions to the Herald, and want to assure him that I am and always have been “one of the good girls”,more’s the pity. Also, I loved Stephen Bowskill’s description of Julie Bishop (Letters 5/4).

Elaine Richards,Salt AshIN REPLY toJudy Lewis (Short Takes 5/4):I think Mary must of hopped in the bath after Joseph, and that’s how she got pregnant.

Ken Stead,LambtonLET’S review the facts of AGL’s Macquarie Generation purchase. Beside Bayswater and the valueless Liddell, it bought local development sites and long term coal supply contracts. I could be wrong, but I thing AGL might hold all cards in thedebate. Maybe a peak load gas fired power stationis what’s needed? Prime Minister and the Monash Forum,please call AGL to clarify.

Garry Blair,MaitlandI BELIEVE coalfired power stations are the savior for the human race, and life as we know it. Common sense is starting to show through.Following China’s lead is the most sensible thing to do, not only for power but in general. A carbon copy of China’s plans for the future should be of paramount importance.

Brad Hill,SingletonON WEDNESDAY, while sitting in my car at the Beaumont Street traffic lights, I witnessed a young lad wearing a Tighes Hill Public School uniform stop midway on the Donald Street crossing and offer to assist a wheel chair bound man wheeling himself in the opposite direction. His parents and his school should be very proud. I’m thrilled that this is the future of our .

Sharon Williams,Hamilton

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