Accountant Amanda Gascoigne only tax practitioner on ATO’s new payroll working party


TAXING: Amanda Gascoigne is the only n tax practitioner to be invited to sit on the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll Readiness Working Group. Picture: Supplied.

Maitland businesswoman Amanda Gascoigne has been selected as the only n tax practitioner to sit on the n Taxation Office’s (ATO) Single Touch Payroll (STP) Readiness Working Group.

STP is a new way businesses with more than 20 employees will start reporting to the ATO from July 1.

Mrs Gascoigne, a mother of two,started heraccounting practice from scratch nearly 19years ago at the age of 28.

Her brother joined her firm fouryears ago and last year Gascoigne Consulting and Keirs Carr merged to form Anova Chartered Accountants withoffices in Green Hills, Cessnock and Newcastle.

Shehas been working with the ATO and other stakeholders closely since the new STP system was first flagged in November 2016.

STPPayroll is a reporting change for employers.Employers will report payments such as salaries and wages, pay as you go (PAYG) withholding and superannuation information from theirpayroll solution each time theypayemployees.

STPwill be expanded to include employers with19orless employeesfromJuly 1,2019. This is subject to legislation being passed in parliament.

“A lot of accountants I have spoken to over the last couple of months have made the observation that they’re not really doing much around STP because they fear the start date will just end upbeing pushed out like it was for SuperStream (the way businesses must pay employee superannuation guarantee contributions to super funds),” Mrs Gascoigne said.

“But the ATO would have learned a lot from the delayed launch of SuperStream, so betting on STP being delayed is somewhat of a fool’s game,” she said.

From April 1 all clients needed to do a headcount to determine their start date.

July 1 this year isthe start date for employers with 20 or more employees as at April 1 this year.

July 1 next year will mark the start date for employers with 19 or fewer employees as at April 1 this year.

Mrs Gascoigne was invited to lodge an expression of interest toapplyfor a position withthe STPproject.

“I decided to put my hat in the ring to be considered for the “change management readiness working group” and sent off an email,” Mrs Gascoigne said.

“Thegroup interested me because its purposewas to work collaboratively with the ATO to shape and influence delivery of the change management approach including stakeholder engagement, communication and business readiness and transition to STP.”

Fairfax Media hasreportedhow employers who hang on to rather than pay workers super contributions will face up to 12 months in prison under the new legislation. STPwill allowthe ATOto detect breaches in real time. Until now the ATOhas only been able to impose fines.

More information is available athttp://amandagascoigne老域名出售/single-touch-payroll/.

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