No verdict at Blood Brothers’ murder trial


Tammy Slade is hoping someone will come forward and reveal where her son Brendan Vollmost’s body is.Four so-called Blood Brothers are expected to face a retrial after a jury could not reach verdicts on whether they murdered a fellow drug dealer whose body has never been found.

Jamie Michael Tilley, 36, Jack Davis and William Patrick Thomas, both 28, and Mitchell James Bentley, 27, had pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and murdering Brendan Vollmost, 23, at South Windsor in March 2015.

The men also denied assaulting Mr Vollmost’s friend, Ronald Byrnes, and a neighbour.

On Thursday, after three weeks of deliberations, Justice Ian Harrison discharged the NSW Supreme Court jury after they failed to reach unanimous or majority verdicts on all charges.

Speaking outside court, Mr Vollmost’s mother, Tammy Slade said she now just had to wait until the next trial when “hopefully we will get justice”.

“It has been a long nine weeks but there is nothing we can do about it,” she told reporters.

She also hoped someone would could forward and reveal the whereabouts of her son’s body.

During the trial, the jury was shown CCTV footage from outside Mr Vollmost’s home showing him running through a gate towards a back shed, followed by four men, before his body is carried out by two men.

The Crown has alleged the men wanted to recover a drug debt and “obtain the gratification of demonstrating they were a group to be respected”.

But the defence said the men had no intention of harming Mr Vollmost, but he pulled out a gun before he was struck in self-defence.

Davis told the jury the body was disposed of at a scrap metal yard.

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